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Virtual Shelf

Don’t have room to stock products? Curate a Virtual Shelf of Fur’s best-selling products.

You will earn 15% commission on every purchase made with your unique code on
Your clients, friends, and family will receive 15% off their first order from using your code.

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Find the full list of details here.

Ready to make even more money selling Fur products?

Join our Fur Professionals program to gain access to exclusive wholesale pricing and resources to retail Fur products in your salon! Check out the differences:

Virtual Shelf

Virtual Shelf

  • No access to wholesale prices

  • No upfront commitment to purchase products to sell

  • 15% commission on every purchase on


Fur Professionals

Fur Professionals

  • Access to wholesale prices to sell products in your salon at retail prices

  • Access to exclusive in-treatment backbar products and pros-only launches

  • Access to our retailer resources library, containing product one sheets and images for your social pages